Areas to Check to Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Keeping your workplace safe and sanitary is important for a multitude of reasons. No one wants to come to work in a Petri dish-like environment, and putting measures in place to combat disease and environmental dangers can save you from productivity losses associated with workers being out sick or injured. Take a look at these solutions to keeping your office clean and healthy.

Air Quality

Proper ventilation and clean air are significant elements of office safety and the overall health of your employees. Regularly circulating clean air with help of sterile air filters VA helps to eliminate airborne pathogens, allergens, and pollutants that can infect your employees or cause distracting discomfort.

While good ventilation is critical in all workplaces, it is especially important in industrial settings, where potentially noxious chemicals, irritants, and pollutants may be more common. When selecting your ventilation and air filtration system, make sure it is built to fit the specific needs of your working environment.


Ergonomics – the practice of optimizing objects for users’ efficiency and comfort – is a once-overlooked factor in workplace health and safety. A stunning number of workplace injuries that have major impacts on workers’ comfort and quality of life have seemingly insignificant causes: poorly-designed office chairs, workstations that encourage poor posture, computer equipment that creates undue stress, etc.

Taking a look at the equipment your employees interact with each day, from their desks to packages they might lift, and examining its potential ergonomic shortcomings, can have a marked effect on workers’ health.

Surface Sanitization

Making sure commonly-touched surfaces like door handles, keypads, and shared office amenities like seating areas are frequently disinfected is crucial to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. High-touch areas should be cleaned at least daily, if not more frequently, especially during times of the year when illnesses like the flu become more prevalent.

Make sure to use the appropriate cleaning materials for your environment; not all disinfectants are created equal and some work with varying degrees of effectiveness based on the material they’re being used on. Consider distributing disinfecting and sanitizing products like disposable wipes to your employees so they can take charge of their own cleaning, and make sure to have products like hand sanitizer widely available throughout your facility to make sanitization a part of your workplace culture.

While maintaining a healthy and safe environment is a multi-faceted undertaking, there are simple places to start that can have far-reaching impacts.