3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Your dream home deserves a dream garage. Creating a unique garage that not only looks great but also functions great is more simple than you think. Upgrade your garage and turn it from a storage space to a fully customized multipurpose area with these simple tips.

Add a Mobile Workstation

A mobile workstation can turn a good garage into a great garage. It can provide excellent storage solutions for tools as well as a sturdy area to perform light-duty tasks or heavy-duty projects. Securing your workstation to 5 inch caster wheels will allow you to easily move your workbench around if you want to clean your garage or reorganize the layout of garage furniture. You can also quickly and easily bring your workstation to your project with a mobile workbench, even if your project is located outside of your garage.

Refresh the Floors

From housing dirty vehicles and large equipment to catching oil spills and stains, your garage floor has seen its fair share of abuse. These days, there are a number of flooring options you can utilize to refresh your tired garage floor. Whether you choose a floor covering like a roll-out floor mat or interlocking tiles, or a floor coating like epoxy paint or cement stain, altering the floor of your garage can hide old cracks and oil stains and revamp the entire look and feel of the space. 

Let Light In

Most garages are illuminated by a single bare light fixture in the middle of the space, creating an eerie, dimly lit garage that is not conducive to living or working. Brighten up your garage by replacing the single overhead light fixture with several fixtures and swapping out incandescent bulbs for LED bulbs. You can also add accent lighting around the space and task lighting designed for your activities and needs. Consider letting in as much natural light as you can by adding a window or two in a wall or installing a skylight. Add additional light inside your garage while amping up your curb appeal by replacing your old garage door with one that has windows or is made entirely of glass.

Once you upgrade your garage, it will become much more than a place to park the car, store Christmas decorations or hang up tools. With a few simple updates, your garage can transform into a space that’s as comfortable as the other rooms in your home.