5 Ways To Shake Up Your Routine

Has your life gotten stuck in a rut and you feel ready for some changes? Sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. Switching your regular routines may bring some new energy to your days. Here are five ways you may consider adding some life to your life. 

1. Find a New Job

Life isn’t as it was for your grandparents who had the same profession for their entire lives. Most adults in today’s world change jobs at least a few times over their careers. They even change careers. If you feel stuck as a dental assistant, maybe you should consider working in the local elementary school instead. Less drastic would be to ask the dentist you work for if you can have some added responsibilities. Perhaps you can start to order supplies for the office, or assist with scheduling. You may want to try working for a different dentist. Lots of possibilities. 

2. Make a Move

Find a new home across the country or just across the city. Contact some professional movers near me to make it easier. Not ready for a big move, then switch bedrooms with your roommate. Or change the furniture around in your living room. How does that feel?

3. Start a New Hobby

Buy a guitar and sign up for lessons. Adding music to your life may be just what you need. You could develop your artistic skills with anything from painting to pottery. Collect stamps, grow a flower garden, start playing tennis or volunteer at the senior center. Finding a new hobby can be so interesting. 

4. Get a Makeover

You can get a whole new look with a change in your hair color and an updated wardrobe. You can even hire a makeover specialist to guide you with your improved image. Less drastic can be a different hairstyle or some fun makeup additions. Try something new and see how it feels. 

5. Further Your Education

You may love the dental profession, and by going to school to become a dental hygienist you will probably increase your salary. How does that sound, too drastic? Then you might determine to take some online classes that can qualify for you to become a registered dental assistant. Another possibility is to increase your education in an area other than your profession. Head to the library and check out some books on astronomy or geology. Learn about the sky above you or the earth beneath your feet.

Did anything jump at you that seemed exciting? Go for it! Switch things up a bit and see how the changes add some energy to your routine.