3 Tips For Maintaining Your New Home

Every experienced homeowner knows that taking care of a house is a year-round endeavor. Certain things have to be done annually to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the house stays in good shape. But for new homeowners, there’s often a steep learning curve. Here are a few tips to make sure your new home is cared for correctly.

1. Lawn Care

If you have any kind of lawn or grounds to care for, it can be a bit of a shock after living in apartments or townhouses where the HOA took care of everything for you. You may need to have an expert inspect your trees to see if there are any diseases that would make the tree a hazard to your property. If there’s a lot of grass, ensure that you fertilize the lawn each spring and regularly cut the grass to keep it from getting out of hand. 

2. Utilities

One of the toughest parts of home maintenance is learning how to care for your utilities. You could just google “oil tank services Westchester County NY“, but understanding how to do a few things yourself will really help in the long run. If your home is heated by steam heat, for instance, you can easily learn how to drain your boiler.

Keep an eye out for signs of water damage or leaks from pipes. Once you start seeing water stains on the ceiling, it’s time to check on the pipes. And it’s always a good idea to regularly check on your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Little details like that can keep your home and family from unnecessary harm.

3. Home Exterior

Not many people think about the fact that the outside of the house is going to get dirty over time. Your gutters, for instance, should be cleaned annually, especially if there are lots of trees around the property.

If the paint on your shutters or exterior starts to peel or flake off, re-painting is the best thing you can do to prevent peeling paint from becoming permanent damage. Once a year it’s a good idea to get out the hose and give the house a thorough shower. In general, keeping things cleaned and maintained is the best way to prevent damage to your new home. 

It can be intimidating for new homeowners to take on the task of home upkeep, but over time you’ll find that it becomes second nature.