Garage Gadgets for Your Shop

If you’re considering upgrades to your garage this summer, here are some ideas for things that you can buy to make working in your garage better. They will make automotive work easier, cleanup quicker, and organization better in your garage. Any of these items are quick purchases you can make at the home store, and setting them up is a breeze.

Automotive Upgrades

If you’ve been lugging a toolbox around, you should invest in a cart with 5 inch caster wheels to place it on. This will spare your back and keep your tools better organized. This also allows you to get a toolbox with enough space, shelves, and dividers to keep your tools truly organized, instead of rattling around. A mechanic’s dolly is another item that will help your back as you move under cars to work on them. An air compressor is a great addition to your garage because it allows you to air up tires and operate pneumatic tools.

Clean Up Dust and Spills

wet-dry shop vacuum is a great idea for keeping your garage clean and presentable. You can use one for cleaning up sawdust from woodworking projects and cleaning up spills. Make sure to get one with enough power and attachments to handle the jobs you need it to do. The capacity of the tank is also key to getting through jobs quickly, as shop jobs often involve a large amount of dust and debris. The cubic feet per minute rating tells you how much capacity the vacuum has to remove materials.

Cabinets and Shelving

Many garages look disorganized because all the items end up on the floor. You can prevent this with cabinets and shelving to organize your items. Cabinets with drawers allow you to sort out smaller items. When planning your cabinets and shelving, look at the size of the items you can’t live without. This is also a great time to sort out and discard items that may have just been laying around collecting dust, like scraps of wood, leftover paint cans, and the like. Be sure to dispose of paints, motor oil, and other fluids in an environmentally responsible way. Your sanitation department should have information on how to dispose of these items.

These are a few ideas to keep your garage clean and organized. It’s easy to visualize your garage looking better and more effective at serving the purpose of handling your home and automotive projects.