How To Dock Your Large Boat

Lounging on a boat enjoying the water is a great way to spend the summer. However, you will need to pull it to ground before the cold weather hits. Here is how to haul a large boat to shore. 

Review the Dock

Before you pull your boat from the water, go to the dock where you will be doing this and look the equipment over. Be sure you know how to operate the marine boat lifts. Ensure that the dock is large enough to accommodate your vessel. You will also want to account for the equipment you will need to perform the task.

Hoist It Out

On the day you plan to draw your boat from the water, you will need to fire up the lift and bring the straps down so you can use them. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with which lever moves in what direction. Once you are ready with that, drive your boat into the lift and park it. Secure the straps of the lift firmly around your vessel in even lengths so that it can handle the bulk evenly. There should be indicators on the hull where you can place them. When this is secure, use the hoist to lift it from the water.

Load It For Storage

You need to adjust the vessel so that it will rest straight on the trailer once it has broken the surface of the water. Continue to lift it until it is high enough to load it onto a trailer. Raise it slowly so you can correct it if it shifts. Drive the trailer until it is backed up to the dock then prepare it for the boat to rest on. Shift the gears on the lift to direct the vessel over the trailer. Lower the boat until it rests on the trailer safely.