How to get the most bang for your buck out of your Christmas decorations

For most folks, Christmas is a time to see family, eat some great food you only eat once a year, and curl up with a warm beverage in the glow of Christmas lights. For others, it’s a time to bust out a complete set of decorations meticulously gathered and prepared over the years and even buy more to add to the collection.

For those who want their decorations to add something special to the holiday but don’t want to break the bank, here are some tips on how to source Christmas decorations that work for you:

Read reviews

It may sound obvious, but not all Christmas decorations are made equally. Especially if you’re going to invest in bigger, more expensive items, like Christmas trees, relying on reviews may be one of the few ways to differentiate between quality. Go with products from reviewers you trust, like home decorator extraordinaire Christopher Hiedeman, and other Balsam Hill tree reviewsBalsam Hill reviews are just one example of a product you can probably find reviews for from several sources. If you’re contemplating a product, check out your favorite reviewer for their take.

Buy as soon as Christmas is over

As soon as the gifts are unwrapped and the eggnog runs out, major stores put most Christmas items on sale. More expensive items, like light projectors and inflatables, will drop in price quickly. Also, check online for used Christmas decorations people are trying to get rid of. After the holiday, people are quick to get rid of great decorations they don’t want to store anymore. It’s not the most exciting time to buy Christmas decorations, but it sure will save you money.

Make your own, then throw them out!

Even Martha Stewart has suggestions for handmade ornaments. There are plenty of ways to get creative around the holiday season, and making your own decorations out of things you already have, like pipe cleaners or paper towel rolls, will ensure no guilt in throwing them away after the holiday season is over. Something as simple as a string of hand-cut paper snowflakes can add plenty of Christmas cheer without costing you.