3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home

Regardless of whether you just bought your home or if you’ve lived in it for years, there are probably things you want to change. However, renovating a home can be a long and expensive process. If you really can’t stand the interior of your home there are three simple things you can change that will have a big effect on the overall feel and look of your home.

Windows are very important for letting in light. However, windows can also add style to a home. Accent windows can help to show your personal style. An accent window doesn’t have to be a large window, but it can be. These windows can be any shape you want. If you live in a beach house, it may be interesting to add porthole windows. These windows are round and would make it feel like your house is a boat. This small change can simply, but effectively change the feel of your home to match the interior you want.

The next thing you can easily change to match your desired interior is the flooring. The flooring of your home can completely make or break the design of a home. If you want a warm home, opt for wood or laminate wood flooring. The brown tones in the wood will make your home feel more warm and cozy. However, if you like color and rugs you may want a more neutral flooring. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different. Tile or cement flooring looks great in many homes. The biggest thing to remember when you’re picking out flooring is the style of your furniture. Make sure you pick out flooring that will complement your furniture and allow you to build on it. Don’t choose flooring that is too busy or colorful unless you plan to put minimal furniture in the room.

Finally, the simplest thing you can do to change the feel of your home is to change the colors. You can change colors by repainting the walls or by simply buying new pillows, rugs, and furniture. Certain colors can create certain feelings. Called color theory, colors like blue and green can create a sense of calm whereas yellow and orange can make people feel more excited. Choose colors that match what you want people to feel in each room of your home.

If you want to do renovations in your home, make sure to plan first. You want to ensure that all of your changes will correlate and combine seamlessly before starting any renovations.