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Keeping a Clean Office can Improve Employee Morale

Most people spend a good share of their day on the job. The environment in which you work can affect both mood and physical health. If you are a business owner then you should take seriously the idea of keeping your office clean and in good order for the benefit of your employees and customers alike. Consider the following points.

Germ-free Zone

While keeping the workplace completely free of germs and bacteria is virtually impossible, you can minimize the spread of illness considerably by keeping the area clean. Adequate supplies of tissues and trash bins can help corral germs, filtration in the heating or air conditioning systems. Hiring some of the professional office cleaning services Los Angeles CA depends on for keeping things mopped and cleaned can help as well.

Neat and Tidy

Encourage employees and staff to keep their desks or cubicles clean and uncluttered. You may decide on a food-free policy at the desks to help keep messes and odors from accumulating or having accidental spills on documents or keyboards. You may wish to limit the type or number of personal items allowed at each station in order to maintain a more professional appearance.


Provide adequate areas for supplies to be organized in. This means everyone knows right where to find a ream of printer paper, ink cartridges or other daily needs. A separate room, a large closet or even cabinets with doors can provide the needed space for office supplies without leaving them on display all the time.


Now consider adding to the well-being by playing pleasant instrumental music or having some form of white noise to minimize the hum of electronics and create a more neutral environment for thought processing. Bring in some live plants to help produce oxygen or an aquarium to promote tranquility.

Making just a few changes at work can make a big difference for your employees. You may see improved morale and attendance, as well as increased productivity.