Lawn & Garden

Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

If you’ve been blessed with a tract of land that can hold far more than your house, you might be wondering how to make it into a haven, especially if it has remained undeveloped until your new construction. Here are a few ideas on how to turn that expanse of green into a gorgeous retreat.

Break into Smaller Spaces

One of the best ways you can add function to your green space is to designate different areas for different activities or even different types of gardens or plants. For example, you could have an outdoor gathering area, around which you can plant attractive ornamental bushes or perhaps plants that attract birds and butterflies. You might also have another area as a swimming pool and use palms and tropical plants, and yet a third area for any pets to roam, free from plants at all if you like.

Utilize Water for Beauty

Water is naturally soothing and uplifting, and adding fountains, ponds, irrigation channels and other features is a sure way to make your property a refuge from busy modern life. If you’re lucky enough to have a river, spring or lake as part of the property, you can landscape around those areas to magnify their natural loveliness. Keep in mind the weed control for lakes so that your water space remains clear and beautiful year-round.

Consider Growing Edible Plants

Another great idea for utilizing large spaces is to plant orchards and gardens. Not only are orchards beautiful with their rows of fruit and nut trees, but they can also yield a wonderful bounty of your favorite produce, which is a fun way to make some extra money if you’re inclined to sell it at the farmer’s market. Even if you choose to plant a small garden, the space and plants in it can yield useful harvest and add interest to your property.

Hopefully, now you have a few ideas in your arsenal. Get some paper and pencils and plot out your space, and soon you too can have an incredible retreat for yourself and your family.