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Look Up to These Signs That Your Home Needs New Gutters

When your roof reaches its end-of-life stages, some symptoms are clear: curling shingles, sloughing surfaces leaky attics. However, your gutters can also begin to fail well before that point since these appendages may not last as long as your roof’s main structures. Do you know the signs of problem gutters? If you see the following issues around your house, take steps to repair or replace your gutters; otherwise, your home may face levels of water damage that can drain your wallet.


A gutter’s job is to catch water cascading from the roof; by channeling the flow, usually into downspouts, the gutter troughs divert water away from the home where it would otherwise crumble the foundation. If your gutters begin to pull away from your house, that water will fall behind them instead. This condition, if resulting from severe wind gusts, can be fixed by a storm damage roof repair Denver CO company; otherwise, have a roofing specialist assess whether the gutters have instead aged beyond repair.

Mildew or Mold

Greenish or blackish growths on your gutters are definitely signs of age—or worse, splits in the gutter seams. The larger the openings the more likely it is you will need to replace sections of your gutters. If an inspection does not turn up cracks or holes in the metal, you can try cleaning the metal with a diluted bleach mixture; just be certain not to spill the solution on any plants or grass. Waiting too long will allow the pathogens to spread and make cleaning more difficult.

Peeling Paint

That the paint on your gutters starts to strip away is another sign of damaged gutters, or at least clogged ones. If water slowly leaks through an opening it will not only affect any surface treatments, but it will eventually cause areas of rust to form.

Water Damage

One of the clearest indicators that your gutters are not doing the job is that water ends up where it should not If you see water stains just under the gutters or water forming on the ground below them, they are leaking, clogged or positioned incorrectly. If a roofer is unable to perform a relatively easy fix, then be prepared to invest in a replacement system.

Sitting below a colorful roof expanse, gutters may not seem the most glamorous part of a house. But the gutters work with that roof to prevent water from damaging the building. By continually assessing your gutters’ condition and performance, you can determine when the time comes to install a new set of team players.