Making the Most of Your Local Junkyard

For the automotive enthusiast, junkyards can be the ultimate car show. You can sit in random cars, old and new, and you can get your tools and get wrenching on them as well. There’s a lot you can find at a local junkyard, but you need to follow these tips to make a successful and positive experience.

Find the Yard and Check the Junk

If you are looking for used Ram truck parts, find out if one of your local salvage yards has the ability for you to look up their inventory online. You may not want to drive all the way out to the yard, only to turn around and come home empty-handed. However, if you are looking for a fairly common part, you may not need to do any prior research.

Dress for Success

When you are headed to the junkyard, wear your best work clothes. You don’t want your business clothes or your date night khakis. You are going to get dirty and things might get ripped or torn. Dress in your best fix-it clothes and be prepared to work.

Prepare Your Toolkit

You may be spending most of the day at the junkyard, so don’t load yourself down with too many tools. If you have an idea of what you are looking for or what kind of vehicles you will be getting into, you can narrow down your tool list. You should bring a backpack rather than a tool belt, but that doesn’t mean you should fill it up. Whatever important tools you decide on, you can leave a set of back up items in the car. You can let the clerk know you need to run out and grab it, and they normally have no issues with that. Bring a hammer, since torchers aren’t allowed. Bring your multi-socket wrench, if you have one. Some pliers, and a Philips and flathead screwdriver.

Hand Over the Money

Junkyards are a lot like theme parks. Plenty of legal liabilities for the owner should you get hurt. You will probably be asked to sign a release form, which frees up with junkyard from the responsibility of paying your medical bills and damages if you get injured while making your way through the cars. This also gives the front office a record of who is in the yard. You may also be required to pay a small entrance fee.

Once you in the junkyard, break out your tools and get your hunt on. You can spend all day looking for the right part or just looking for something cool to collect.