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Reinvent Your Home With Creative Lighting

New homeowners and those hoping to give their living spaces a fresh look with new interior designs spend substantial time and money looking for those perfect furniture pieces and decorative accents to create a beautiful, inviting space. However, many overlook one of the most essential elements of a well-designed home, the lighting. These two simple tips will guide you through the most important things to consider when making lighting decisions for the home of your dreams. 

Make the Most of Natural Light 

Natural light creates a soothing atmosphere that invites the peace and beauty of nature into your home. If your house lacks natural light due to outdoor shade or small windows, hanging decorative mirrors is a great way to maximize the impact of the natural light you do have while adding pops of personality to your wall space. If you are lucky enough to have large windows and ample natural lighting, make use of versatile screens and blinds to minimize any harsh midday light and to increase privacy. Options abound, and a local specialist will be able to consult with you about the best offerings in town. If you aren’t sure who to contact in your area, don’t be discouraged. Window shades New Jersey are just a web search away. 

Set the Mood With the Perfect Bulb 

Each room has its own function and lighting requirements. For offices, you may prefer cool, clear lighting for a focused daytime feel, while living rooms and kitchens might benefit from a warmer glow. Advances in LED offerings have greatly increased the availability of eco-friendly options, and there is a broad selection of bulbs with different lighting temperatures and intensities to choose from. Pick the bulb that fits your space and preferences.  

Lighting defines a room and sets the tone that will impact how an area is used and experienced. Use these tips to turn your home into the gorgeous haven you deserve.