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Types of Engineering Jobs

The field of engineering is broad and caters to many different interests. If you like thinking outside the box and complex problem solving, then engineering might be a good fit for you. There are different focuses within this industry to cater to a wide range of interests. Let’s take a closer look at a few different career options for engineers.

Industrial Engineers

These professionals are tasked with eliminating waste and streamlining processes in production industries. They’ll evaluate the workflows at hand and come up with ways to work more efficiently, whether that means producing more items or fewer emissions. The goals are often set by the company they work for and their responsibility is to find ways to meet them. The average salary for this position is $73,600 per year.

Materials Engineers

A materials engineer is responsible for developing, processing and testing new materials that are used in manufacturing. They might work closely with injection mold design & manufacturing personnel to find the right type of material for the job. They typically have to think outside of the box to address challenges such as cost-effectiveness, durability and environmental considerations. This would be a great position if you enjoy testing different ideas and working through the scientific process. The average salary for this position is $88,500 per year.

Environmental Engineers

The interesting part of this career path is that you don’t necessarily need an engineering degree to pursue it. Some successful professionals have a background in environmental or natural sciences and apply that knowledge to these engineering principles. Environmental engineers focus on different ways that companies, towns or even individuals can protect and preserve the environment. They typically pick a focus such as water quality, air pollution or soil conservancy.

The engineering aspect of the job comes in the way they address these problems. Environmental engineers are tasked with developing solutions to environmental problems, such as creating low emissions cars or soil-friendly farming equipment. The average salary for this position is $76,200 per year.

Marine Engineers

If you love building and maintaining equipment on boats, then a career as a marine engineer might be a good fit for you. These professionals maintain all the mechanics on large cargo ships, submarines and even military vessels. They work mainly with the internal ship systems such as the electrical grip, refrigeration, propulsion and steering systems. The average salary for this position is $79.750 per year.