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Types of Mulch

Working in a garden can bring all sorts of satisfaction from being out in the sunshine to enjoying the fruits of your labor. Whether you are planting a butterfly garden, creating an ornamental hedge, or growing your own salad, every garden needs mulch to keep out the weeds and to keep the soil moist. As a bonus, mulch also enhances the beauty of your garden. There are several types of organic mulch to choose from. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular types:

Straw or Hay

Keeping your garden clear of weeds may seem like a never-ending task, but clean straw is actually pretty good at the job. The straw itself needs to be weed-free, of course, which is often the problem with using hay. Hay can sprout on its own. Straw, like hay, holds in moisture, but straw doesn’t decompose as fast and is an excellent choice for vegetable gardens.

Wood Chips

Wood chips can be very decorative and really enhance the look of your flower garden. Wood chips can be obtained from several outlets. You can certainly get it from a garden center or mulch delivery Cincinnati or in your town, or even from a stump grinding company. Wood chips are a great mulch if you’re trying to grow young trees as the chips protect the roots in heavy rain. Wood chips are available in different colors to match the look of your garden. Cedar chips specifically, besides looking good and smelling great, also act as a pest deterrent near your home.

Grass Clippings

Some grass clippings should remain on your lawn to keep your lawn healthy, but it’s okay to spread them around your vegetable garden too to help regulate the soil temperature and keep moisture in the ground. The best part about using grass clippings is that as long as you’re cutting the lawn, the supply is never-ending.


If you already compost or are thinking of building a compost bin, then you can make your own nutrient-rich garden mulch. Experts suggest that you spread a thick layer of compost and then top it with straw or wood chips to keep the compost moist which will keep your plants happy.

Mulch works hard as the keeper of soil temperature and moisture and as a preventative for weeds. There are numerous types of organic mulch as well as inorganic options such as plastic sheeting or landscape fabrics. Which type of mulch you choose is up to your needs as a gardener.