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What Are Custom End Seals? Everything You Need to Know

In the printing industry, you need the highest quality and consistency possible for your output. Because of this, many printing companies turn to custom end seals for their presses. These custom parts enhance the quality and consistency of your production, but they also increase the productivity of your operation. First, read on to learn more about the many benefits of custom end seals. Then here are some of the most common uses of these seals:

Stainless Steel zipper end seals

Multiflex End Seals have an accordion design that allows the carrier pipe to move without the risk of backfill damaging the seal. Available in multiple sizes, this end seal is composed of oil and water-resistant rubber specially compounded and molded by Maloney. Multiflex End Seals are easy to install, offer superior chemical resistance, and are available in different shapes and sizes. Listed below are a few examples of end seals.

Calpico Model C End Seals are seamless, slip-on boot styles that fit various casing sizes. They feature one-eighth-inch thick synthetic neoprene rubber anchored with stainless steel bands and clamps. These seals are easy to install, with the carrier being inserted through the casing and the end seal applied while still attached to the casing. They fit a variety of carrier-casing combinations, so they’re an easy option for many users.

Stainless Steel MECO AH shaft seals

Stainless Steel MECO AH shaft seal assemblies are the perfect solution for rotating shafts used in many process industries. Stainless steel is a versatile material used in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutics, and other industries. Furthermore, they can be manufactured for both OEM and maintenance applications. These shaft seals can also be made of food-grade materials. Because they are made with an elastomeric drive, they can accommodate 1/4″ radial shaft runout. They also feature heavy stainless plate stators for long life and easy assembly. The split model is easy to install on the shaft and bolts. Stainless steel MECO AH shaft seals also incorporate monitoring provisions and an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism.

Meco EP Type-1 shaft seals provide excellent resistance to wet abrasive slurries. These seals are ideal for medium to large diameter shafts, including those in the recycling industry, home building products manufacturing, and sewage treatment. Their low-friction design allows for continuous motion of the shaft and can also be retrofitted to existing equipment. The EP Type-1 is also FDA-compliant.

MECO AH Type-2 stainless steel stators and extra-thick central housing provide reliable sealing with minimal maintenance. These seals are easily adjustable and offer predictable performance. Their small size allows them to fit in tight spaces and are highly customizable for various applications. They are designed to be installed in existing lip seal housings and can be customized for your machinery. This ensures maximum performance and reliability.

Multiflex End Seals

Multiflex has various options for its customers for custom end seals. Some possibilities include Model AC seamless pull-on seals for centered pipes, while others are concentric for non-centered pipes. Multiflex can also produce end seals that fit the shape of your pipes in various configurations, including wrap-around and zipper versions. In addition, these end seals can be removed without compromising the integrity of your existing installations.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the model AMCE is suitable for multiple-carrier installations. The seals come with easy-to-read size indicators and can be easily installed on various carrier sizes. They are also low-cost to store thanks to their closed-conical feature. Multiflex Custom End Seals are made of 1/8″ thick synthetic rubber and are secured using stainless steel banding straps and a non-magnetized worm gear mechanism. Installation requires no special tools.

The Model C Custom Pull-on End Seal comprises 1/8″ synthetic rubber. This type of end seal is ideal for bypassing pipelines during repairs, as it offers a wide variety of inflation connection options. In addition, the Multi-Flex Annular Seals are available in many sizes and are suitable for avoiding channels while undergoing repairs.