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Why Heating With Oil Can Be Smart

Nearly half of the United States heats with natural gas and another 34% heat with electricity. That leaves quite a few people on alternatives such as wood and oil. Consumers on oil control their deliveries in some manner. Either they monitor their tanks and contact the provider when low, or they are on an automatic fill program. Not everyone has a choice in the type of fuel they will use, but if you are considering building a new home or purchasing a home with oil as fuel, it can be a great benefit to the environment and your wallet.

Control Your Costs

With an oil-burning furnace, the customer is responsible for monitoring the tank and controlling when to schedule delivery. Select a company for oil delivery Dunellen NJ that has an up-to-date website where current prices are posted. You can time your delivery to order fuel when the price of oil is down. When prices are low, fill up. When high, consider ordering a lessor amount until the price of oil drops. 

Cut the Emissions

Fuel oil used for heating is clean burning. Due to an increased demand for fewer emissions, heating oil today contains low-sulfur and bio-fuel options. Each of these significantly reduces sulfur emissions and particulate matter. There are no known carcinogens in heating oil so, storage is not a problem whether in the home or outside. Also, when running indoors, heating oil systems are designed to cause smoke and colored gas to be released when a problem occurs.  In natural gas systems, carbon monoxide is released, and that gas is not visible and can be deadly if not caught. Since you can easily see any leak with oil, this is a great safety feature. 

Keep Your Furnace Longer

An oil-burning furnace runs efficiently and, when properly maintained, can last over thirty years. Many oil delivery service companies offer oil furnace and boiler maintenance by contract and for emergencies. They may offer contracts for regular cleaning and maintenance and emergency service. With today’s low sulfur options, furnaces run so clean and efficient that maintenance can be reduced to every other year.

Oil-burning furnaces have come a long way. Today’s furnaces burn clean, and there is no smell or soot in your home. They run hot and efficiently. If you have an opportunity to heat with oil, it is worth looking into as a cost-efficient and clean way to heat our home.