Heating & Cooling

Insulating Your Home For Winter

When the cold weather hits, you need to find ways to keep your heating bill low. Adding insulation to your house will trap the warm air in and keep the cold air out. Here are some ways to winterize your home.

Seal the Cracks

Before you lay any additional insulation down, fill any exterior holes you may find with delaware spray foam to close the gap. You can also use this type of sealant to ensure cold air has less of a chance to get in around windows or door frames. It is great to insulate hard to reach corners as well.

Installing Insulation

Once you are finished sealing potential spots for cold air to get in, you can purchase insulation to lay down in your attic. Since heat rises, this material will trap it inside and keep it from escaping as well as providing a barrier against the cold. Make sure you keep all the vents free by covering them as you work. Roll out the product across your attic starting from the furthest point and work in. Use a knife to cut free spots for pipes, lighting, or other equipment that might run through the space.

Extra Protection

To keep winter from coming through the windows, you can cover them with plastic sheeting. You should first caulk around the sill to fill any gaps between the window and the wall. Then you can hang the plastic over it. You can do this outside by attaching it to the frame with an industrial stapler. There is also a film sold in rolls that is installed on the interior of the window. It adheres by heat usually provided by a hair dryer. You hold the sheet up to the spot where you want then blow the warm air on it melting it in place.