3 Common Issues That Businesses Have With Automatic Doors

Automatic doors have major benefits for businesses with physical locations. First, automatic doors look professional. Second, they bring comfort and convenience to customers because there is no need for them to open and close the door behind them when they leave. Although automatic doors are extremely useful, they also can come with their share of problems. Here are the three common problems with automatic doors.

1. Power Supply Issues

Automatic doors occasionally begin to lose power gradually. In this case, you might notice that the doors are opening more slowly than usual. A power supply issue could also cause an automatic door to close or rotate too quickly. These are dangerous situations for your customers that you want to address right away. The doors should open and move smoothly, not causing your customers discomfort or putting them in harm’s way. Check that your doors are following automated door energy compliance to avoid injury or lawsuits.

2. Sensor Issues

You might also encounter sensor issues concerning an automatic door. In this situation, the problem will not be with the energy that is going to the door. Automated doors have a sensor to detect when customers walk near them. This will cause the door to open at a reasonable speed, giving it enough time to open fully before the customer arrives at the point of entry. If there is an issue with the sensor, the door opens and closes on its own, or it might not open at all for a customer. This means that you have a sensor issue in the door, and you should contact a specialist to deal with it immediately.

3. Air Leakage

Automatic doors can also cause air to leak out from the entry of your building, which could be one of the reasons your electric bill is high. If the doors do not shut completely or are constantly being opened and closed due to high customer traffic, this causes a lot of air to flow out of the building. This is why it is best to monitor your automatic doors regularly. Check that your doors are sitting properly and closing tightly. Another way to detect air leakage is by noticing if there is an excessive number of insects near the automatic doors on the inside of the building. The presence of insects can indicate that there are gaps in the doors.

Automatic doors can be a great investment for your business. Be sure to monitor them and get them serviced regularly to ensure that they are operating efficiently.