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3 Great Ways to Add Interesting Features to Your Outdoor Space

Looking for ways to put a personal finishing touch on your home’s landscaping? There are many interesting design features you can add to your backyard – the only limit is really your own imagination! Here are three great ways to add some extra personality to your outdoor spaces.

1. Install a Simple Garden Arch

A charming garden arch is a landscaping staple, and there’s a good reason why – it always looks great no matter if you’re going for a formal or an informal style in your garden. You can find complete archway units sold at your local hardware store or nursery, ready to be placed as an interesting feature of your home’s landscaping. It takes a special touch to blend a pre-made arch unit into a natural landscape. Train climbing roses to grow over and through the arch’s lattice construction. This will make the archway seem like it’s been enmeshed in the surrounding landscape for quite some time.

2. Add an Interesting Gate

Gates, especially tall ones, can add a sense of mystery and interest to any landscape. If you already have a fence installed, adding custom Corten steel gates that will make this feature truly unique. A steel gate will look very attractive alongside the free-flowing elements of nature, creating an unusual and distinctive look in your overall landscape strategy. When choosing a steel gate, think of how the form, color and texture will play with all of the other elements present in your garden. Strong, dark lines will contrast well with the natural appearance of the surrounding nature.

3. Use a Pergola to Separate Space

Large structures, like a double-bench pergola arbor, can create an intimate space to gather with closest companions or a private space to enjoy some solitude surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. You can use a pergola unit as part of a natural transition between distinct areas of your landscaping. Instead of placing the pergola on the natural turf, lay a solid foundation by creating a small brick patio to place the pergola upon. This will give the new feature a sense of permanence, as if it’s always been a part of your home’s natural landscaping.

There are so many ways to add your own personal touch to your outdoor space. Let your creativity shine by adding some interesting focal points to the design of your backyard sanctuary. Try each of these suggestions and you’ll see just how picturesque your little piece of nature can truly become!