3 Areas To Deep Clean In Your Home

Your weekly cleaning schedule is likely filled with the standard chores of any household, such as scrubbing the bathroom, washing dishes, and doing the laundry. Every once in a while, however, your home will need a deep cleaning to keep it feeling fresh and maintained for the long haul. If you are looking to intensively clean your home, consider starting with these areas that are often overlooked.

1. Higher Surfaces 

Even if you dust some of the surfaces you contact frequently, there are countless spots out of your view that have probably collected dust over time. Take your rag, dry mop, or duster of choice and tackle the high surfaces you do not see everyday. Ceiling fans, window sills, and the tops of cupboards are all examples of the surfaces you should deep clean. As an extra tip, take a look at the books on your bookshelf if you really want to see a deposit of unobserved dust!

2. Floors

Floors are, undoubtedly, one of the most contacted surfaces of the home. Gym shoes, pet hair, soccer cleats, and food crumbs all find their way onto carpeted, wooden, and tile floors. To avoid the burden of renting or purchasing a steam cleaner, you might want to consider hiring a service that offers Austin carpet cleaning. Even if you have tiled or wooden floors, a standard swipe of a mop or broom will likely not suffice if you really want to get rid of the dirt. Fortunately, you can find services like WOW Total Cleaning, which also specialize in cleaning non-carpeted floors and upholstery. 

3. Windows

You may not notice that your windows are actually covered with grime until you have experienced seeing the sun shine through them after a deep clean! Windows are often overlooked in the regular cleaning process as they are usually covered with blinds or curtains. On the other hand, you may tend to clean the inside of your windows while neglecting to scrub the exterior surface that contacts more dust, rain, and insects. Having your windows cleaned will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to your home.

Deep cleaning your home is not only an important way to maintain your home and keep up its aesthetic appearance, but also to take care of your health. You can prevent breathing issues exacerbated by dust and dirt, as well as allergies. By focusing on these central parts of your home, you can start your deep cleaning process today!