Interiors Remodeling

3 Ways To Transform Your Fireplace

If you own a fireplace, you know a cozy fire can make the room inviting. However, a shabby looking hearth can have the opposite effect. Refresh your fireplace to beautify the whole room. Here are three ways to make your fireplace look hot again.

Install a Screen

For a wood-burning fireplace, the screen is functional and must be cleaned regularly, whereas gas models may not even have one. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, almost all fireplaces look better with a fire screen. Screens that fit flush with the wall or surround may have a sleek contemporary look, whereas screens that extend a few inches away from the wall add dimension and interest. For extra artistic flair and versatility, get a custom fire pit screen that can be used with an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit.

Improve the Mantel

A proper fireplace mantel can make a style statement. You want to make the fireplace the focal point, but it must fit in with the furnishings and the function of the room. A marble mantelpiece is sophisticated and elegant; a chunky wooden one feels more like a rustic lodge. Pay attention to scale and proportion. Too small or plain and the mantel will go unnoticed; too big or showy and it may look out of place.

Upgrade the Surround

Complete the transformation by upgrading the entire surround; this includes the sides of the fireplace and the floor in front of it. Materials may simply coordinate or may match exactly: Think red brick surround paired with a varnished walnut mantel for a traditional look or surround and mantel done in creamy white quartz for a minimalist design. In a large room, you can extend the surround treatment up to the ceiling, but this may overpower a smaller space. The color of the surround is key. Coordinate with wall color for a subtle statement, and use a contrasting color to draw attention to the fireplace.