An Overview of Common Sewer Line Problems

Maintaining complex systems related to public and private utilities can be complicated. While some services, like electricity, utilize components that sit above ground and are easily visible, there are utilities that involve more complex systems. This is the case with sewer lines. Since a vast majority of the components related to sewage systems are underground, detecting and solving problems require insight and experience. Whether you work for a municipality, own property, or are a plumbing contractor, learning about common problems in advance can prepare you for anything that might come along.  

Unusually Strong Odors

Sewage is not supposed to smell pleasant. In fact, the scent is so distinctly foul that most people can recognize it right away. Still, there are times when it can be difficult to distinguish between normal bad smells and the warning signs of a larger issue. If strong scents persist for long periods of time in an area, it could be an indication that there is an issue with plumbing. It is best to respond fast when an odor seems unusual, as allowing the problem to persist can cause the impact to be much worse.

Improper Flow

Another common problem with sewer lines stems from blockages that go unnoticed. Though the average person realizes rather quickly when a toilet or sink is blocked, it can be more difficult to discern when it comes to the pipes hidden in walls and far in the ground. Unfortunately, it is in these pipes that a majority of blockages will occur and cause improper flow of water and an array of other issues. Since it can be difficult to monitor these pipes, investing in a valve maintenance system can be a more practical solution that helps you minimize major backups. 

Damaged Foundations

For people who own homes or commercial properties, damaged sewer lines can mean a lot more than bad odors and clogged pipes. In more severe cases, a line that has suffered damage can cause the foundations of nearby buildings to take on additional strain. Over time, this can lead to damaged or cracked foundations. Since this is an instant way to render a building useless, it is best to try and stay on top of any potential problems that are happening under your property. Regular inspections by trained professionals can help you avoid major catastrophes.

Whether you are someone who works in plumbing or you simply own property and want to ensure you’re doing all to protect your investment, understanding common sewer line issues can be useful. Take time to learn more about the basics and stay on top of any potential problems on the horizon.