Design Tips for Guest Bathrooms

Guest bathrooms are notoriously difficult to decorate. These small spaces are often an afterthought despite being visited by most people in your home. Some designers like to use this space to show off, with daring choices and bold designs. However, nobody wants their guests to feel assaulted by an overwhelming design when they are in the bathroom. Follow these design tips when decorating your guest bath to show off your personality, and make guests feel welcome. 

Choose One Focal Point

This is your chance to show your personality. The focal point could be a unique wallpaper that you instantly fall in love with. For small spaces, explore monochromatic wallpapers or ones with texture. There are a lot of fun animal-themed wallpapers available that appear to be snakeskin or leather. If you choose to go all out on the walls, then it is important to keep the floors neutral. A nice waterproof laminate Lakewood CA is a great option. These have warm tones and are also durable, which is important for a bathroom. 

If you are not a wallpaper fan, then the focal point of your bathroom can be the floor. Tile comes in limitless patterns. Cement tile and penny tile offer geometric designs that add a lot of visual interest to any space. If you decide to go with a print on the floor, then pull a neutral color from the floor for the walls. Keep the walls simple. 

Optimize Light

Small guest bathrooms may not have a window, so use every trick you can to keep the bathroom feeling light and spacious. This is done by installing a large vanity mirror. You can also use a small mirror behind the toilet. Anything that will bounce light around the room will give you an advantage. Mirrors make any space feel larger. If you have a window in your guest bath, then use minimal window coverings. 

Reduce Storage Spaces

Guest bathrooms do not need to have big bulky storage options crowding the space. Guests are not moving in. They only need a place for a few essentials. Instead of furniture, think about adding ledges and shelves. Use baskets and open bins to store extra toilet paper or towels. This is another area where you can be creative. Try mixing up colors and patterns when choosing bins and even hand towels. These can be swapped out for different seasons and add a fun touch to any bathroom. 

This space can be used to show some originality, but it needs to be done strategically. The decor in a guest bath should complement the design in the rest of the home.