Experience History on Bald Head Island

Accessible only by ferry, the atmosphere on Bald Head Island makes you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. With no cars allowed and the noticeable lack of light pollution, this island allows visitors the chance to pretend they’ve stepped into history. There are plenty of historical sites and landmarks to visit while you’re on your next vacation. Take the time to research one of the following options and book your tickets now.

Go on an Island Tour

Bald Head Island first appeared on maps in the 1500’s and since then has been a part of some interesting moments in history. A trained guide will take you by golf cart around the island. You’ll learn about piracy, colonization and the history of U.S. lighthouses. Bald Head Island house rentals abound now, but before the island was a tourist destination, it was known for wild pig hunting. The island also had a part in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, which your guide may tell you about as you traverse the island.

Visit Old Baldy Lighthouse

First lit up in 1817, Old Baldy is North Carolina’s oldest lighthouse. You can climb to the top of the 108 steps in the lighthouse for spectacular views of Bald Head Island. To experience what life was like for the lighthouse keepers in the 1800’s, you can explore the Smith Museum. Located at the base of the lighthouse, the exhibits in the museum reference local legends and facts. To dig into the history of the island even more, you can also purchase a self-guided audio tour at the Smith Museum. A small gift shop is also available, with proceeds going towards maintenance and preservation of Old Baldy.

Encounter Pirates

Bald Head Island was a favorite stop for pirates off the coast of North Carolina. Pirates replenished their supplies here and also hid pirate treasure. Each summer a pirate invasion takes place on the island. You can watch a sea battle, go on a treasure hunt, enjoy musical performances and watch sword fighting demonstrations. For the pirate lovers in your life, this is a must-do on your vacation.

If you’re a history buff, Bald Head Island may be the perfect place for your next vacation. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the exact tour or location to expand your knowledge of the history of the North Carolina Coast.