How To Choose an Air Compressor

Choosing an air compressor is not as easy as just running to the store and grabbing the first one that you see. Because these can come in different sizes and strengths, the type you need is determined by how you use it. Different models of compressors will come with features, such as power supply and portability, that can also determine which one you purchase.


The tools you can use with an air compressor depend on the pressure per square inch produced by the unit and how fast the air is released, measured in cubic feet per minute. More powerful tools, like impact wrenches and sand blasters, will need a higher psi and more CFM. More delicate tools, such as airbrushes, will need a lower psi and reduced CFM. Portable units may not be able to produce the power that you need, so checking the specifications on both the tools and air compressor is important. When you are looking for a farm and fleet air compressor Jacksonville FL, you can find units designed to be installed in a truck for both power and portability.


Home hobby compressors can be big enough to power your vehicle repair tools or small enough to be put in a cupboard after you are done airbrushing a cake. The size of the air tank can be independent of the size of the compressor, but it needs to be compatible, as well as fit in the space you have. The specifications of the compressor should include overall dimensions, as well as tank capacity and strength, to give you an idea of where you can put your compressor.


An air compressor can be used with or without a tank and attach to several tools. One of the advantages of getting a unit with a tank is that it does not have to run the whole time you are working, just when the tank psi is too low. One of the disadvantages of a tank is that it usually makes the unit less portable and heavier. Some compressors will take diesel fuel, and others will need to be connected to an independent power supply.

Having an air compressor can make your job or hobbies easier to finish because they can power a number of different tools or even just offer a strong stream of air for clearing dust and debris. You can find various sizes and strengths of compressors and tanks to fit just about any use, and even get a portable one to carry between worksites.