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Re-Insulating Your Home With Spray Foam

If you have noticed your heating and cooling costs creeping up over the past few years, it might be time to consider upgrading your home insulation. While the materials used to keep your home’s environment comfortable are designed to last for a long time, they do eventually break down and become less effective, especially in houses that have been maintained over a couple generations. Even in homes that are only a decade or two old, sometimes choices were made during construction that reflected the desired price point for the first customer, not the longevity of the material or the insulation factor. Finally, there’s the fact that new materials can often upgrade your insulation factor for relatively low cost compared to the original materials available, so even if your home’s insulation is still in great shape, you might want to consider saving on your heating and cooling costs by upgrading to a higher insulation factor.

Benefits of Using Spray Foam

If you’re in the market for a quote on new insulation, you need to check out your options for spray foam insulation Maryland. Spray foam is often the easiest type to add to an existing structure because it can be funneled in through a relatively small point of access. That means it requires less invasive methods to re-insulate with it than with many other options, especially in spaces like roof crawl spaces. It’s also a fast solution when you use an experienced professional installer, so you don’t have to worry about a drawn-out renovation project when you’re trying to enjoy your home.

Be More Comfortable in Any Weather

Your home’s insulation factor comes into play year-round, not just in the winter. While it’s a vital part of keeping heating costs down, many people forget that a well-insulated building also keeps heat out when temperatures rise. That means less time running the air conditioning system in warm weather, because the cool temperatures maintain better once they are reached. Spray foam insulation is also more robust today than it has ever been, offering a better insulation factor than previous versions of the same process for longer. It does take some experience to handle it effectively and get the job done quickly, so it’s worth talking to a professional if you’re considering this option for your home. Professional installers have the knowledge to not only make it a quick, clean process, but also to make sure you get the best possible protection from your new insulation.