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Tips on Designing a Deck You’ll Love

Building that backyard deck you’ve always wanted is an exciting time. Decks are a great place to host parties and barbecues as well as giving you a place to sunbathe and relax. They can also increase your home’s living space and boost its value. When deciding on the perfect deck layout for your home, here are a few tips for designing a deck you’ll love.

Have a Clear Motive

People have lots of reasons for building a deck, so make sure your motive is clear. Someone that’s installing a deck just to get a little privacy will have a completely different design in mind than someone that wants to use it for entertaining. Once you know what your deck will be primarily used for, you can decide on the space needed and whether wood or another material is suitable.

Consider Extra Features

Today’s decks feature so many extras that you should know what you want to incorporate before beginning. Many decks have built-in seating or use versatile modular bison cubes which are colorful blocks used as seats or planters. Other decks feature fire pits, grilling areas and lighting. The sky’s the limit when it comes to extras, so know what you want ahead of time.

Decide on Levels

When designing your deck, decide whether it will be flat or multi-leveled. Staggered levels are useful if you’d like one area for dining al fresco and another for relaxation. Multi-levels also fit in well with decks built adjacent to pools to keep wet feet in one spot. If you’re just looking for a single-level deck, you’ll require minimal planning. Keep in mind that either type of deck can be elevated to fit into any yard.

Choose Your View

When planning your deck’s layout, it’s important to consider what type of view you’ll have. You certainly don’t want to construct a deck that gives you a full view of your neighbor’s house or the side of your garage. Plan on creating a deck that’s aimed towards the best possible view and doesn’t put you on display either. Likewise, make sure nothing obstructs your view and use a trellis or lattice for privacy.

Building a deck is a great way to expand your living space and allow you to spend more time outside. Before you start, make sure your goal is clear, you’ve got a good view and you’ll be able to add in all the extras you desire.