3 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment More Versatile

City dwellers on a budget might be forced to choose a small living arrangement, but that doesn’t mean they have to be locked into totally rigid, cluttered spaces. Clever furniture hacks, creative uses for old things and carefully selected pieces all contribute to a functional space. Here are a few practical ways to maximize the livability of even the most modest apartment.

Mobile Furniture

One of the cheapest (yet most impactful) tips for making the most of a small space is simply to make the furniture mobile. When you can easily rearrange a room layout, it’s easy to accommodate overnight guests, host parties or work on projects. For light furniture, simply adding felt pads to the bottom may make it easier to move around. For larger pieces like sofas, tables or bookshelves, you can add heavy duty casters, instantly making any furniture mobile. This inexpensive solution will keep your space adaptable and ready for anything.

Smart Storage

Though you’re certainly familiar with some smart storage solutions like under-bed storage boxes, consider some other unique storage options. Some sofas and ottomans include under-cushion storage compartments, which are perfect for everything from seasonal clothing to bedding to shoes. Another out-of-the-box storage option is a pegboard with moveable shelving and hooks — a great choice for a storage solution that changes with your needs from day to day. A clever solution for the kitchen is over-the-sink storage for cleaning supplies, spices or dishes; this under-used space is an awesome way to free up your counters, while also looking very modern.

Multipurpose Pieces

Nothing maximizes a space more than some double-duty pieces. One popular option in many homes is the pull-out sofa, which converts to a spare bed for overnight guests. It doesn’t stop there though. Benches and ottomans are another excellent multipurpose piece of furniture: they can be used as a surface, for storage or for extra seating. One other versatile addition to your home is a bookshelf that doubles as a room divider; this makes it easy to store your paperbacks, shoes, decor and the like while helping to visually divide the space, particularly in a “great room” type of space or in a studio apartment. 

Tiny apartments don’t have to be stuck in one orientation. These tips will keep your home fresh, adaptable to nearly any need and free from unnecessary clutter. By planning with versatility at the forefront, you can ensure that your space will easily meet your needs for many years to come.